Athletic load research on common ball technique practice manner in volleyball special training course in universities

Author(s): Yan Mao

Volleyball is a kind of popular sports event, which can enhance people’s body function and cultivate good psychological quality and teamwork quality. So is is popular with teenagers. Volleyball course has been developing widely, but whether the volleyball education course physiological load arrangement is suitable or not concerns about the college students’ health. The excise physiological load is too small to reach the goal of good exercise and reach its effect, which can produce bad stress reaction and bring bad influence to college students. Volleyball course has been one of the main PE education in undergraduate education, which play an irreplaceable role in other kinds of sports activities. Therefore, there is some necessities and importance about the research on the common volleyball practicing skills. This paper will discuss volleyball common ball excising skills load. This paper applies literature study, investigation and laboratory means and it mainly regards 2013 PE students who majors in volleyball in HeiBei normal university as experiment subjects and analyzes the exercising load of volleyball skills. In this experiment, Actigraph equipment records the energy consumption data. There are four points that we can get through statistics and analysis.

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