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Assessment Of Some Heavy Metals As Contaminants In Petroleum Contaminated Soils Of Eleme, Port Harcourt Nigeria

Author(s): U.P Ojukwu and A.N Eboatu

 Samples from petroleum contaminated soil Eleme, Port Harcourt and from non petroleum contaminated soil, Awka, Nigeria serving as control were analyzed for heavy metals. The results of the analysis showed that the metals  concentrations in mg/kg were Ni<0.05- 2.05, Cr 0.005 -0.37, Cd<0.005 - 0.008, Zn 0.14 -2.87 Pb<0.02- 0.19 Fe 12.32-29.11   ,Mn< 0.008- 0.036, Se<0.001, As<0.001, and V<0.001. 

Majority of the metal concentrations were above those of the control. Though the values obtained did not exceed soil quality standards stipulated in the Environmental Management Regulations, 2007, the toxic metals could accumulate to a threatening level over a period of time. Food poisoning, occupational hazards and various disorders emanate from heavy load of toxic metals in our environment.   

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