Assessment of metal contamination using pollution indices in surface sediments from Dongzhai harbor (Hainan Island)

Author(s): Jie Yang, Junjie Zhou, Zhihang Li, Chuguang Huang,Weixu Cai, Hongda Fang

Selected heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, As) in surface sediments from Dongzhai Harbor, Hainan Island in May 2010, have been determined to evaluate the metal contamination and potential ecological risk using pollution indices. Results showed that As may occur occasional biological effect by numerical Sediment Quality Guidelines. Further, Geoaccumulation indices (Igeo) suggest there are serious pollution levels of As at all five stations. However, Spatial distribution of ecotoxicological index suggested that most of the surface sediments have a 9% probability of being toxic. Similar results were also obtained by pollution load index. the pollution load index(PLI ) revealed that the potential ecological risk zone appear in northern and southern of Dongzhai Harbor. Multivariate analysis indicated that most of the metals primarily originate from natural sources. As and Pb resulted primarily from aquaculture, and combustion of gasoline and diesel fuel by ships. The present study provides a baseline record of heavy metals in mangrove surface sediments on the Dongzhai Harbor, and provide a useful aid for sustainable marine management in this region.

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