Assessment of cleaning and disinfection operations of equipments in a Moroccan artichoke processingand canning plant

Author(s): M.Sobh, M.Aouane, Y.Chbab, A.Echchelh, H.Oudda, A.Chaouch,M.Ouhssine

Monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of equipment in direct contact with the fruit (Artichoke) was performed. At this level, the method of microbiological swab was arrested for the enumeration of the total flora. 240 samples were taken for analysis. And from surfaces 10 belonging to 10 different locations. It turned out that 40% of samples infected. The level of infection is high and the values obtained were highly significant (p <0.005) compared to the threshold of acceptability of the method of control recommended. 40% is so important that it can harm the health of the employee or even the consumer. It comes out that the daily application of a procedure for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces/utensils/blouses in the presence of a written clearly explained to the operators and validated, is mandatory. Cleaning should be consistent to avoid accumulation of food debris on equipment surfaces. Processing units and keeps Artichoke as they are installed to meet the needs of a consumer society in constant growth, they may be generating serious harm to health.

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