Applied research of fault-tolerant monitoring algorithm in wireless sensor networks

Author(s): Zengwang Yang, Yihuai Wang, Xinyu Dai, Si Chen

Due to the limited energy of sensor networks, monitoring environmental interference of sensor networks and limited precision sensing components generate the sensing data of sensor nodes with high uncertainty, this paper proposes fault-tolerant monitoring algorithm. Firstly, analyze non-deterministic of sensory data, propose event discovery algorithm of fault-tolerant, and integrate decision-making of events surrounding sensor nodes to determine the probability of occurrence. Secondly, this paper proposes monitoring node selection algorithm, which integrates sensor nodes, event location information and node residual energy, in a given event monitoring quality requirements, select nodes that remaining energy is large and in the event the edge to participate the monitoring tasks. Finally, this paper proposes fault-tolerant event location method, by creating convex hull and estimating the event zone for the event which in the edge. Experimental results show that: the algorithm can greatly reduce the BGP routing convergence time and effectively reduce the BGP routing update message number in the convergence process.

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