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Applied music talents employment mode exploration and its practice

Author(s): Yanjun Zhang

This research discusses a problem widely concerned by the whole music industry and even the education circles—the graduates’ employment mode exploration and practice. The main method of the mode is to pay attention to the study of music professional basic knowledge. Only with an overall solid fundamental knowledge, can one have the possibility to achieve further innovation. Mouthing empty slogan and acting no deeds is like putting the cart before the horse. The principal goal of this mode proposed in this paper is to value basic knowledge, strengthen the practical ability training and cultivate applied music talents to adapt to the market. Unlike the employment mode of earlier music talents, applied music talents are cultivated by using basic knowledge as their foundation, the market adaption as the guidance. Schools of arts determine training scheme, curriculum and so on according to the market demand so as to make graduates quickly adapt to the fierce competition.

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