Application study on mobile communication technology in digital information service of library based on informatization

Author(s): Xiaojun Zhao, Zenan Chu

The modern era is the age of information and technology innovations, and it is embedded with the traces of intelligence and network both on the social life and production levels. With the deepening integration of the communication network and the Internet, the mobile information service is gradually implemented in different fields, and the library with a large number of information resources is no exception. With the influence and effect of various factors such as the drive of the time and the demand of customers, the library has entered a stage of digitalized information service. This study discusses the application of mobile communication technology in the information service of digitalized libraries, and it is designed to meet the readers' needs by improving the service quality and efficiency, thus to build China into a country of lifelong learning. this study uses research methods including document retrieval, comparative analysis and transplantation, and focuses on the information service that mobile communication technology provides and the problems that needs to be paid attention to in the implementation of the project. The outcome of the study is that the mobile communication technologies is embedded in the digital information service of libraries, and effectively expands the scope of service objects, improves the efficiency of service, and meets customers' individual requirements, and with the development of terminal equipment and mobile communications technology, library service may be realized in ubiquity. Of course, in this application process, some libraries will face various problems and difficulties, particularly the library resources integration problems that will arise, which will certainly be solved step by step as the technology matures.

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