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Application research of tourism service personalization in IT industry

Author(s): Xiaojuan Zuo

Currently, more and more personalized means of traveling, such as FIT tour and DIY tour, have emerged in the tourism industry successively. The traditional tourism service model cannot fully meet the personalized needs of tourists. Due to the rapid development and continuous and continues to maturity of e-commerce, tourism service enterprises began to apply modern information technology to the tourism service. As a result, tourism ecommerce and tourism IT platforms have sprung up, which meet the personalized needs of tourists to some extent. Thanks to these networks online services, tourists can check catering, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other required information, order travel services and necessities in advance, and make full use of various resources to successfully achieve their travel plans at home. Because of China's IT industry is still in the stage of rapid development, so this kind of service model has some deficiencies. For instance, due to the defective inter-industry cooperation and coordination, enterprises cannot achieve tourism information sharing; tourism service products are not comprehensive enough and searches are not flexible; personalized development of tourists and tourism innovation are largely hindered. This research fully analyzes the characteristics of tourism services, as well as the structural characteristics, elements and operation mechanism of tourism service supply chain under the modern information technology background. It also establishes a new concept model of tourism service supply chain. This model is based on personalized needs of tourists that puts travel service integrators as the leading and regards service processes as the main line. It combines passenger flow, information flow and capital flow as a whole.

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