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Application research of brusselator model in enterprise marketing management based on dissipative structure

Author(s): Zhao Lei

In recent years, enterprises of dissipative structure have emerged increasingly fierce competition in China and abroad. The enterprises of dissipative structure in China have recognized the current marketing management must be changed from passive to active; and the process control of marketing management needs to be strengthened, achieving marketing management with high-performance. Marketing system should be positioned to build the mechanism of information mining, analyzing and coping with the client needs. Relationship of authority and benefit at all levels should be handled rationally and scientifically. In this way, marketing management framework can coordinate the relation between marketing and services and form organic integration. This research studied and analyzed the current marketing management of enterprises with dissipative structure, and found that applying Brusslator model in enterprise marketing management with dissipative structure can improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The study also clarified the definition of enterprise positive and negative entropy and studied the logical structure of dissipative structure management entropy; established a unified system of positive and negative entropy flow indicators. The study innovatively established Brusselator model of enterprise management entropy and applied it in corporate marketing management based on dissipative structure, selecting the appropriate enterprises to do in-depth research for obtaining basic model data. This study focused on a clear concept of positive and negative entropy of enterprises based on dissipative structure and the establishment of new Brusselator model of enterprise management entropy for derived data, collecting the actual data of related corporation to verify the correctness of the model.

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