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Application of the potential energy field function in medical image processing based on the characterization of overall and partial area

Author(s): Yanxia Zhang

The potential energy field function plays a pivotal role for the medical image processing. It makes the ambiguous dividing line meet the requirements of clarity gradually, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the medical image processing. During the discuss process, the specific application of the liver segmentation is the main part of the practice research. Firstly, in this process, the study discusses the construction idea of energy model and the advantages existed in the model, which includes the definition of boundary information, the gradation information and the specific definition of era Characterization information to make relationship among the three become clear gradually. At the same time, it also fully demonstrates the main elements which constitute the energy model. It is significant for the construction of the model and the improvement of its value. Secondly, it addresses the items of gradation information specifically, so as to make the energy model be improved better and the ranges of its application expand furtherly. Also, it is able to exclude the disturbing factors effectively. Finally, it makes a specific discussion to the items of the era characterization. In this process, it mainly carries out a further exploration to the promoting of the model application. It emphasizes the apply steps furtherly to enhance the specific effect of model application. This is the main idea of this research. At the same time, the main purpose and research content of the study can be seen clearly.

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