Application of new media in college ideological and political education in MicroAge

Author(s): Peisheng Huang

With the fast development of the multi-media technology and network information technology, people have stepped into an age called “MicroAge” with things like microblog, micro film, micro novel, WeChat (micro letter) and many other micro productions. These productions, as tools in new media on the Internet, have had huge and far-reaching impact on the young. The advent of new media provides us a brand new way of the application of college ideological and political education. Under the influence of new media, college ideological and political education faculty has gradually changed their traditional concepts of education, and begins to build a new educational base for college students as well as to create a healthy, civilized and fast campus culture with the education and guidance function of new media. In this paper, we analyze the functions, problems and challenges that new media has in respect of its application in college ideological and political education, and bring up some effective suggestions to its existing problems as well.

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