Application of image processing in assembly detection of large complex precision components based on machine vision technology

Author(s): Xiaoyun Zhang, Yubin Liu2, Yucheng Liu

Aimed at human vision not being able to meet the requirement of the non-defect workpiece inspection in the large complex precision components assembly, the paper put forward an image processing method to realize the scathe-less detection of the work-piece by the industrial computerized tomography (CT) image. This method uses the industrial CT image to make the scathe-less detection for each work-piece and applies phase correlation method to realize location of the same section position CT image using Hausdorff distance. Finally, using the position information which template image located in the original image, to judge the assembly is right or not. In this paper, it took the recognition inspection of precision assembly of metal parts as an example that judged the location information in the original image by means of template image. The judged results showed that the correct recognition rate of the part assembly was 100%

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