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Application of computer network security system in modern enterprises

Author(s): Li Hua

With the rapid development of information technology, the corresponding computer technology has also been improved, and provides opportunities for the informatization construction of enterprises. But in the current situation, a series of security problem of the network of openness and sharing is becoming more and more serious, which gives the application of computer security system in modern enterprises higher requirements, and which is the key to the study. Internet is occupying the important status in the national information security strategy, the network security is a tight coupling of technology, system, tools and management, modern enterprises want to be in an impregnable position in the competition in the society, the construction of computer security system plays the irreplaceable role to ensure enterprise information storage, transmission, highly confidential data, and information advantage better participate in market competition so the study on it is in urgency. This study takes the generation of security problems of computer network security system and the main threats as the breakthrough point, to study the physical security management strategy, access control strategy, database security, etc., in order to guarantee the computer network information security in modern enterprises, and find out effective measures according to the relevant circumstances, thus to create conditions for the healthy and orderly development of computer network security system in modern enterprises, to better serve the study and life of people, and to provide strong theoretical support for the majority of researchers.

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