Application of computer information technology in university music education

Author(s): Lianfeng Zou

With the progress and development of the information age, computer music technology is growing popularity and promotion. Now, computer music technology gradually receives more attention in various colleges and universities, largely affecting all aspects of traditional music teaching mode. Traditional teaching methods encounter many obstacles in modern teaching, which rely solely on music teachers and music and other ways to teach students knowledge of music, can not satisfy the learning needs of students, not to better broaden students' horizons. Therefore, in the new era, the development of music education should gradually adapt computer technology in this field, in order to better improve efficiency in music teaching and promote change in music teaching methods. Computer music has many advantages: easy to operate, easy to learn and durable, which is gradually becomes the main teaching modern music teaching. It can enrich the content of traditional teaching, make students get more exercise in musical thinking, and stimulate student interest in learning.

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