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Application of college English in the development of computer science

Author(s): Piao Xiangchun

To improve the connections between college English and other disciplines is the targets form the perspective of the essence of college English education. The development of computer technology need a broader platform as support, as for college English teaching and learning activities undertaken precisely built an effective platform; meanwhile, the application of computer technology has largely enhanced the effect of college English teaching. Starting from this dimension, targeted the perspective of computer technology in college English teaching continues to improve, to further enhance the application of computer technology for teaching development, to expand the field of application and also fulfill the educational development circumstances. This is the specific content of this research, focus on English teaching can continue to promote computer hook gradually moving towards innovation and development in the field of English teaching and learning roads, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of education and to promote the comprehensive development of computerscience and technology to provide a solid development platform, making college English teaching to further achieve the ultimate goal of scientific and technological innovation. These ideas above are the main line of this conducting research, and this article will illustrate the detailed discussion of the analytical process, which makes this article more precisely, foregrounding this research and the discussion in this paper can provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation for the further development of computer Applied Technology.

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