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Application of ARM in automobile central control computer system

Author(s): Zhi Xu, Xin Wang, Xin Lin

With society becomes more developed, upmost vehicle automobile in people’s life has also become more advanced. Nowadays, automobile intelligent exploitation are rapidly increasing, and among them ARM plays an important role. In order to make people more clear about ARM application in automobile, the paper firstly gets simple acknowledge about ARM and automobile central control computer system, subsequently for ARM main applications in automobile central control computer system, in case considering ARM characteristics and automobile required safety, price, discrimination and entertainment as well as other influence factors, by analytic hierarchy process, it gets ARM’s automobile central control computer system’s main application aspects occupied proportions that proportions in automobile brake, automobile door lock and automobile audio’s applications are respectively 0.413,0.404 and 0.183. It makes readers to more clear about ARM application status in automobile central control computer system.

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