Application and impact of Gantt chart in taskbased team English learning

Author(s): He Chen

Currently, English proficiency is a basic quality of students. While the English learning mode of task-based team in the new era can improve the students' interest and efficiency in learning, still there are problems that will affect students' motivation and enthusiasm of learning, such as un-standardized teaching model and incorrect method. This paper introduces the concept of the Gantt chart to manage the English teaching of the task-based team. By using the Gantt chart we can conclude and analyze the progress and quality of learning, realize the problems and shortcomings in learning, and summary solutions. Let students learn with tasks cooperatively, thus to improve their learning efficiency. First this paper introduces the concept and characteristics of task-based team learning and the Gantt chart, then introduces an example of the application of the Gantt chart in task-based team English learning to analyze and observe the application value of Gantt chart, and finally summarizes the impact of the Gantt chart, which generally is the ability of revealing, warning and controlling. In a word, the Gantt chart can be combined with task-based team English learning to better manage students' learning progress, improve students' learning efficiency, and develop their concept of cooperation.

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