Anshan high-tech zone innovation system based on enterprise cluster CAS perspective

Author(s): Lingyan Meng, Jingquan Liu

In recent years, with increased competition, innovation and complexity, increase the difficulty, resource constraints, and gradually adopt corporate division of labor between Anshan High-tech Zone, the sharing of resources and complementary advantages, etc., for product development and technological innovation, in order to intense competition in the domestic and international markets in a dominant position, forming clusters innovation system prototype, created favorable conditions to enhance the international competitiveness of industries. Currently, the sustainable development of Anshan City, the national economy, we must rely on to promote technological innovation, give full play the central role of technological innovation in transfer mode, adjust structure. Anshan Hightech Zone enterprise cluster development, there is insufficient investment in technological innovation, scientific and technological personnel training introduction insufficient capability of independent innovation, insufficient application of scientific and technological achievements, technological innovation and industrial chain is not complete and other deep-seated contradictions and problems can not be ignored. By analyzing the high-tech enterprises cluster innovation Anshan complex environment and power factor, high-tech design principles of clear performance indicators enterprise innovation system innovation system, establish performance evaluation index system of innovation. DEA results using the northeast part of the innovation performance evaluation of high-tech development zone, proposed creating innovative systems can function to enhance strategies for promoting the development of high-tech enterprises in the zone cluster to provide the appropriate theory and policy support.

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