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Analytic hierarchy process-based university students sports elective course development and influence factors research

Author(s): kai Tang, Lianjuan Huo

Contemporary university students are motherland beams and social construction main forces, only rely on passing on cultural knowledge is far from enough, we need to cultivate university students comprehensive quality all-round developed talents, only then can let contemporary university students to better go into socialism construction tide. Therefore, university students’ sports elective course has become an indispensible part of university education. The paper utilizes analytic hierarchy process method, establishes university students elective course influential AHP model, by comparing weights, it gets sports option course of university students highest option rate. At first, start from students’ themselves, teachers, teaching, management, field, apparatus and other aspects, analyzes numerous factors that affect university students sports elective courses, and then gets conclusions. Secondly, on this basis, utilize analytic hierarchy process to establish target layer, scheme layer and criterion layer, by calculating and analyzing, it gets conclusions that students’ themselves, teachers, teaching, management, field, apparatus and others, all have certain impacts on university students’ sports elective courses, current stage China universities’ students of university sports elective course highest option rate is badminton, secondly is table tennis and basketball.

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Table of Contents

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