Analytic hierarchy process-based large scale swimming center utilization and development research

Author(s): Yan Chen

Swimming not only is a kind of sports event, but also is a kind of recreational entertainment event. Swimming center is swimming exercise-based, and meanwhile organizes spa, fine food, hot spring, entertainment, fitness and health maintenance and others multiple activities which not only enriches people’s life, but also have very important significances in physical health. Therefore, swimming center construction, development and utilization have become main problems that need to discuss at present. By applying analytic hierarchy process, the paper establishes swimming pool development and utilization influential AHP model, by comparing weights, it gets Chinese swimming pool development and utilization trend in a moment in future. Swimming pool opening hours, opening condition, swimming pool water quality, and swimming pool certificate qualified rate and others have certain impacts on swimming pool efficiency. By far, divide Chinese large-scale swimming pool into natatorium, school and privately operated the three kinds, on this basis, utilize analytic hierarchy process to establish target layer, scheme layer and criterion layer, so that get hierarchical structure. By analysis result, it is clear that natatorium occupied weight is largest, secondly is private swimming pool and school. So that it gets conclusion: China’s large scale swimming center development and utilization in a moment in future are natatorium-based, encourage private swimming pool development, promote school swimming center to face to students and society, it mainly opens to students in school so that comprehensive enhance Chinese large-scale swimming center development and utilization degree.

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