Analytic hierarchy process-based college football teaching mode research

Author(s): Lingfeng Meng, Lei Dang

Football is a kind of ancient sports event with a long history. It was originated from Chinese ancient times one kind of ball game “Chuk-guk”, later was introduced to Europe by Arabian, and then developed into modern football. Therefore, football’s hometown is China. The paper bases on analytic hierarchy process, establishes college football teaching mode’s AHP model, by comparing weights, it gets most suitable Chinese college football teaching mode. Old-fashioned teaching ideas, football fields, training equipment, curriculum learning time and other factors have certain influences on football teaching mode. By far, colleges applied teaching modes are mainly experience type teaching mode, race type teaching mode, on this basis, utilize analytic hierarchy process to establish target layer, scheme layer and criterion layer. By calculating and analyzing, it is clear that experience type teaching mode weight is the maximum one, secondly is race type teaching mode, traditional teaching. Therefore, it gets conclusion: experience type teaching mode is most suitable teaching mode of college football.

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