Analytic hierarchy process-based basketball education mode to talents cultivation impacts exploration

Author(s): Cheng Yang, Xiaolin Zhang, Haifei Wang

For basketball educationmode problems, the paper establishes a clear and well-organized structure, firstly it constructs three layers relations, target layer,mediumlayer, scheme layer, and classified layers numbers are related to research objects complicated degree and detailed degree. It mainly targeted basketball educationmode each kind of educationway proportion, uses analytic hierarchy process tomake qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, takes physical quality, spirit of cooperation, sense of competition and anti frustration ability four aspects as criterion targets. It gets basketball education mode education proportion in cooperative education, physical education as well as entertainment and humanistic education such three aspects. By solving judgment matrix maximum feature value and feature vector, it gets weights. The paper gets that in basketball education mode, physical education is particularly important to basketball that occupied proportion is 40.2%, and basketball is a kind of teamexercise, therefore, in basketball education mode, followed by students cooperative ability training that occupies 32.5% of totals. Thirdly, to students in school or contemporary university students, humanistic education and entertainment education are effective ways to easy students’ life and relieve learning pressure, therefore in education mode, it occupies 28.3%.

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