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Analytic hierarchy process and dynamical simulation model-based table tennis diameter and appreciation value research

Author(s): Mengjie Qiao

The paper carries out analysis from athletes’ experience qualities and audiences’ appreciation qualities two aspects, firstly applies analytic hierarchy process, it gets each influence factors weight and athlete experience qualities and each influence factor relationship, it is clear that table tennis diameter increasing has improved athlete experience quality. After that, considering table tennis diameter changes to audience appreciation quality influences. Finally, on the condition that audience is satisfied, establish minimum table tennis falling time mathematical planning model, it gets ω that lets falling time to be minimum. And then in case athlete is satisfied, establish maximum table tennis falling kinetic energy mathematical planning model, it gets ω that lets falling kinetic energy to be maximum. In case that both audience and athlete are satisfied, establish falling time and kinetic energy comprehensive optimization control mathematical planning model, and get best ω = 119.757r / s, input obtained ω into table tennis dynamical simulation model, and solve best table tennis diameter is: d = 39.634mm.

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