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Analysis on the application of control algorithm in computer software

Author(s): Li XiaoHui

With the rapid development of modernization, computer software is more and more used in industry. Higher and higher automation requirements are made by producers and developers. In modern industry field, all kinds of computer control devices and process monitors are broadly used, which results in the problem that the traditional computer industry control software failed to satisfy clients. The application of traditional computer control algorithm in control software also faces the problem that the source program must be revised once the monitoring target changes. As a result, development cycle and maintenance cost increase while production efficiency of enterprises and develop efficiency of users decrease, and the control algorithm cannot be fully used in computer. This research proposes the analysis on the application of control algorithm in computer software, namely configuration inspection software. In the software platform and development environment of automatic monitor layer, configuration inspection software could provide plenty of flexible ways and better interface for user, and is easy to use. This method can solve the problems in traditional industry control and the control algorithm can be applied in practical production more conveniently and effectively. At the same time, control algorithm can be perfectly combined with computer software to improve the production efficiency, reduce production costs and accelerate the development of enterprises.

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