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Analysis on simulation modeling of automobile vibration and ride performance

Author(s): Cuirong Qiu

With the rapid development of science and technology, the automobile industry is booming as well. With the application of high-tech technology in automobile industry, people can basically be satisfied with their performance. While, nowadays, more attention are focused on the ride performance which will directly affect the comfort and safety when driving or riding. This paper is focused on the study of vehicle ride performance. Based on the actual vehicles, a new kind of vibration simulation model which is convenient to operate is designed. By using the model to analyze the vehicle ride performance, a more real simulation effect can be achieved. First of all, this study established a quarter two-freedom model of vehicle and accordingly selected the Macpherson front suspension from Santana 2000 Gsi saloon car as the target. Basic parameters of the simulation model contain the suspension stiffness, damping coefficient of shock absorber and the road excitation. The first two parameters can be calculated while the road surface excitation is gained by using white noise integral method. By inputting the calculated basic parameters into suspension vibration system of simulation model, we can get the car ride performance result which turn out that the model is effective and feasible. Besides, the parameter adjustment can make the vibration characteristics of the images and data more intuitive, which further laid the basis of accurate control research.

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