Analysis on micro-grid AVC control strategy based on optimization equipment action times.

Author(s): Wenhao Zhu, Wang Jie, Qiyi Guo

In this paper, on the basis of hierarchical & zonal control strategy of conventional automatic voltage control(AVC) system, a load predication process and a diagnosis process for current electrical control status were added to enhance the predictability of the control strategy, realizing the advanced control and reducing the equipment action delay according to equipment current operation status. The newly-developed AVC system has been put in application of smart-grip in Wuhu region of Anhui province, and the experimental results shows that this new system possesses a excellent effects in increasing the qualified rate of regional network voltage and in enhancing the reactive power optimization. The new system optimized the equipment action times in terms of the whole time series, and substantially reduced the equipment damage accidents due to the overfrequent actions and thus increasing the equipment life span.

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