Analysis of the vertical greening structural techniques of residential facades

Author(s): Jun Wang

This paper studies the types and structural classification of vertical greening, and studies the application of vertical greening technology in people's daily lives from the vertical greening of residential buildings, such as the villas, aggregate residence, dormitory buildings and other civilian residential building facade. Main types of vertical greening are climbing greening on building facades, balconies greening, house roof garden, which combined with the plant species of vertical greening to study the necessary structure type for plant growth to smoothly cover the surface of building and obtain the main use scope and architectural forms of various structure forms. From the perspective of building energy efficiency, this paper research the energy-saving consumption effects of green facade and green roof on the building's air-conditioning electricity in the vertical greening, and compares the energy efficiency of the two ways. Finally, this paper summarized and analyzed the constructed form when using facade vertical greening in various forms of residential buildings, and analyzed the operability of construction-related technologies of facade vertical greening in urban residential building and practice application in the future residential facade greening.

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Table of Contents