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Analysis of the soil physicochemical factors affecting the distribution of cordyceps in gannan hezuo regional

Author(s): Shuling He, Lingfa Ma, Jingjun Yang, Yuhong Fu, Yuwei Chang

Literature survey, Interview and sampling analysis were carried out in the four streets and seven villages in Hezuo City of Gannan to research the effects of soil physicochemical factors on the distribution of CORDYCEPS. Soil layers 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 and 15-20 cm in 21 sampling sites were analyzed. The plant number of CORDYCEPS was recorded, as well as the vegetation component, plant coverage, density and height, distribution status and growth status. The results show that pH, TN, TP and AP had no significant differences; while WC, OM, TK and AK showed extremely significant differences in different soil layers; in soil layer 5-10 cm, WC significantly affected the distribution of CORDYCEPS; while pH and TK had extremely significant impacts. The number of CORDYCEPS was the maximum in soil layer 5-10 cm. In the first principal component, TP was the major factor affecting the population distribution of CORDYCEPS. In the second principal component, pH was the major factor. So CORDYCEPS had strict requirements for soil layer, TP and soil acidity-alkalinity. At the same time, WC, OM and TK also affected the distribution of CORDYCEPS.

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