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Analysis of the application value of neural network in the evaluation of computer network security

Author(s): Juntao Niu, Donghong Liu

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people use the network to communicate with each other, but the consequent network security problem has attracted a wide attention. The factors that affect the computer network security, such as computer viruses, Trojan horses and loopholes, can reduce the safety factor of computer network. So, it is very crucial to construct the evaluation criteria and evaluation methods for the computer network security evaluation model. It will affect the computer network security directly. All the evaluation methods that the existing computer network security evaluation models use can result in the higher errors. But, according to the characteristics of existing computer network security evaluation models, this study embeds the neural network technology in the computer network security evaluation system, and combines the BP neural network technology optimized by the PSO algorithm and computer network security evaluation system to get an optimization-based neural network computer security evaluation system. Finally, the simulation results show that compared to the existing computer network security evaluation models, the computer network security evaluation model of BP neural network technology based on PSO algorithm both increases the evaluation efficiency of network security and improves the evaluation accuracy of network security.

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