Analysis of service-oriented government guiding role in China’s rural economic cooperation organization

Author(s): Xiaoyan Wu, Jianzhao Qi

The service-oriented government as the inevitable trend and the developing direction of Chinese government occupies a pivotal position in the Chinese society, and also has the indelible effect on China's economic development. With the deepening of the reform and opening up, the politics and economy and other aspects of China has shown a tendency of vigorous development, and the stable, open and liberal political system has promoted the development of China's regional economy constantly. Through consulting relevant information, China's rural economic cooperation organization has been investigated and studied in order to summarize the current development situation of China's rural economic cooperation organization and the problems arising from the development process, and at the same time points out that the service-oriented government has play a positive role in guiding China's rural economic cooperation organization, and some solutions and advice have been put forward to the rising problems. The study found that the problems rising in the process of China's rural economic cooperation organization development are mainly: the government's policy support, the effective specification of national laws and regulations and financial support by financial institutions. However, in the process of guiding China's rural economic cooperation organization, the service-oriented government also has made a contribution. The study shows that in order to give full play to the guiding role of service-oriented government, the government must provide the corresponding knowledge science and technology for different regions and different nature of the rural economic cooperation organization according to location conditions, and adhere to the market-oriented rural economic development mode, meanwhile, the government must encourage, support and guide the talent flow to rural economic cooperation organization.

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