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Analysis of economy, environment pollution coupling structure and industrial structure in China

Author(s): Jing Zhang

Because the industrial processing extracts materials from natural resources and abandoned emissions back to nature, the regional economic influence form the coupling relationship with system and environment system. Coupling coordination degree model is used in this paper to establish evaluation system, taking the actual area of the economic environment after the coupling of data into system and analyzing the spatial pattern of industrial structure in China. Relevant conclusions are drawn to provide the basis for the future department policy related. Coupling refers to the collaborative phenomenon that two or more systems or exercise through interacts and mutual influence between each other. Coupling term originally is derived from physics. From the perspective of synergetics, the key to make the system from disorder to order system is system synergy between internal order parameter; it drives system, the characteristics and law of phase transition. The coupling is the measure of this synergy. Coupling analysis can be divided into two steps: first, to evaluate the state of each subsystem; second, the calculation and evaluation of coupling. How to realize the regional sustainable development between economic system and ecological environment system is always a focus of economics at home and abroad. Within the past century global economy demand rapid growth, from a global perspective on these issues research increase gradually, even involves the economic impact on Antarctica. Since China's reform and opening up, China's rapid economic growth, but also led to the decrease of the quality of the environment at the same time, frequent occurrence of environmental pollution. Parts in order to priority to the development of the economy, there is no ecological environment problems caused by economic development may make reasonable forecast evaluation, leading to a series of environmental problems, the result will hinder economic industry health and sustainable development. Because of China's regional economic structure gradually towards the metropolis group of industrial agglomeration area and population as the core of diversified structure, economy and environment of the coupling coordination also gradually show the pattern of complicated and varied. The spatial pattern characteristics are cannot be reflected by the provincial level analysis. To detailed analysis of China's regional economic development and environmental pollution spatial pattern characteristics of coupling, coupling in this paper, through the establishment of China's regional unit economic environment evaluation index system, to the economic development of China's 31 provincial units and coupling of environmental pollution and the coordination degree of spatial pattern and difference analysis, and from the Angle of industry structure and the types of the spatial pattern of structure analysis.

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