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Analysis of coordinated development between urban economic and environmental system

Author(s): Chen Ming,Xu Changxin

There exists a complex coupling mechanism between urban economic and environmental system. The two systems promote and restrict each other. In this paper, we analyze the development of Nantong City based on the "pressure state response (PSR)" model. Eight indicators such as the natural population growth rate are selected to build the urban economic system. And similarly, we build the urban environmental system with another eight indicators such as industrial electricity consumption, daily water supply capacity etc. This two systems constitute the economic and environmental coordinated development evaluation system. Then we use weighted method to calculate comprehensive index of urban economic system, comprehensive index of urban environment system and the coordination degree between them. Conclusions are as follows: From the year 2005 to 2012, Nantong City’s economic and environmental system has experienced three stages: uncoordinated stage, basic coordinated stage and high quality coordinated stage. And comprehensive index of urban economic system showed a significant linear growth trend, while the comprehensive index of urban environmental system presents a fluctuating rise. However, the growth rate of urban environmental pressure index is far greater than the rate of urban environment response index and state index. Therefore, the coordinated development of urban economy and environment is still under huge pressure

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