Analysis of college students’misbehaviors of academic morality in China based on the analyzing frame of moral disengagement

Author(s): `Weihua Lv

To investigatethe academic morality misbehaviors of college students in China and its psychological causes, a survey of academic morality behaviorswas conducted among 860 students through a questionnaire. The effects of moraldisengagement on empathy, responsibility, moral identity and misbehaviors of academic morality were explored. Moral disengagementshows the significantpositive prediction effectonacademic moralitymisbehavior. Responsibility and moral identityhavethe prominent negative prediction effect onthe moral disengagement. Moral disengagementplaysno intermediary rolein the relationship between empathy and academic morality misbehaviors. However, moral disengagementplays thefull intermediary role in the relationship between responsibility and academic morality misbehaviors as well as the relationship between moral identity and academic morality misbehaviors

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