Analysis and research on calculation method of ac and dc power supply in urban rail transit

Author(s): Xuewu Li, Pengxiao Ji

Nowadays, in the traction power supply field of urban rail transit, AC traction power supply system usually carries out at DC traction side or executes separately at AC/DC sides, which simplifies the internal relationship and reduces the calculation precision. As to this condition, the research explores a new calculation method of traction power supply, which based on the unified AC/DC power supply system of rectifier unit model. Besides, it also discuss the traction power supply calculation method based on rectifier unit model, in which the improved Newton method and Gauss-Seidel method is applied. After the application, the method and model are verified. The power supply system in the verification is 10-node AC/DC traction power supply system, which indicated that the method is correct. In the unified AC/DC urban rail, the 12 pulse rectifier unit model based traction power supply calculation method would dynamically simulate the parametric variation of the node electric in the urban rail transit traction power supply system under different traction load. The method is proved to be feasible and the result is effective, moreover, it would also give further guidance to the analysis and design of the power supply system.

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