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Analysis and optimization of the tripartite evaluation system of taobao

Author(s): Kuang Xiangling, Huang Guangqiu, Zuo Qingang, Huang Rong

A tripartite evaluation system which was lack of research before is analyzed in depth based on the relationship of Taobao’s buyers, sellers and the platform itself, which is the typical representative of C2C e-commerce. Then this system is overall analyzed and optimized. Firstly, the basic tripartite relationship is expressed by a traffic-light model. Secondly, by mainly using online questionnaire to survey Taobao’s current situation of satisfaction degree and its tripartite evaluation system, combined with the satisfaction degree system-related data from the customer satisfaction degree department in Taobao, there are three problems to be analyzed. They are "lack of feedback mechanisms in tripartite evaluation system of Taobao", "low participation degree of evaluation" and "unreasonable assessment standards". Then, the new tripartite evaluation traffic-light model is designed. From three parties of "using Ali cloud services to optimize evaluation program", "proving participation degree of evaluation" and "optimizing assessment criteria of custom service persons in Taobao", the model is expounded in depth. At last, feasibility analysis based on technical, organizational and risk of tripartite evaluation system is done

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