Analysis and construction of Dance system for strength training

Author(s): Chen Yan

Dance is to technology as the core, power quality assurance skill showing category sports. Strength quality is the physical construction of dance sport guarantee is beautiful, complete set of action is the material foundation, quality is the core of the Dance physical quality. The power of good quality can not only avoid the dancers were injured in the movement, the movement to extend the life, but also can promote the dancer faster learning, to master the correct dance techniques and bring into full play the technical level in the game. Dance in sports training, strength training, whether it should focus on the training of high level athletes, or general player. This paper, through access to a large number of dance sports books and special strength quality training content and other related research results and literature material, on the domestic and foreign research present situation of Dance training has an overall understanding of. Especially in reference to China's Dance college teaching syllabus and dance training details, and combining the research of Dance most, certain induction, summary and analysis

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