Analysis and application of rumba body barycenter shifting based on the mechanics of human motion

Author(s): Yue Shang

The formation of rumba player’s body weight and barycenter, and the relationship between the barycenter and shifting are the key technology for rumba technique. There has been some progress on the study of the weight shift technology in transport step forward and backward about rumba, but there are still some practical problems in application. In this paper, we conduct a study on rumba player’s barycenter Shifting technique with a method of human motion mechanics. We analysis the position changes when the barycenter shifts and the physical stability in the process of barycenter shifting. The study shows that the grasp of barycenter shifting has an absolute effect on rumba players and helps maintain dancemovements fluent and coherent. By analyzing and applying this technology, players canmake new breakthrough in training and stand out in the competition, thus has certain practical significance.

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