An analysis of the level of chinese urbanization based on normative perspective

Author(s): Zhou Jianguo, Hou Yu

Nowadays, with the increasingly development of economic globalization, the level of urbanization is certainly not only the key factor for promoting the economic development but also the significant component of overall national strength. Since the implementation of Chinese opening and reform policies, our country has made many great achievements in the level of urbanization, many scholars pay their attention on how urbanization affecting Chinese economic growth in long run. To mention it, the relationship between urbanization and industrialization, the level of economy is the key topic in this field. In this article, we make use of the econometrics analysis method, and utilizing Granger causality testing theory, cointegration theory to make an empirical research on the relation between urbanization and industrialization, the level of economy. We find that urbanization has significantly one-way Grainger cause of industrialization and the level of economy. The development of the level of urbanization plays a significant role in enhancing the level of industrialization and economy. At the same time, there is also a long-term equilibrium between the three time series. Furthermore, this article make a empirical analysis of the reasonable level of Chinese urbanization, conclusion show: Based on the Chenery’s development models, this article find that Chinese urbanization is lagging behind, mainly reflected in lagging behind the industrialization

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