Alteration of peroxidase-activity, chlorophyll content and antioxidantcapacity of corn salad (Valerianella locusta) during storage

Author(s): Cs.Orbn, Cs.Csajbk, N.Heged¼s, P.Borb©ly

Although many data can be found about the health promoting effects, and nutritional values of leafy vegetables, corn salad (Valerianellalocusta) still remained out of interest of food analytic researches. Because it is become more and more popular among the consumers, we aimed to determinate chlorophyll content, antioxidant-capacity changes of intact corn salad leafs during storage at 6oC, 9oC, 12oC for 3, 6, 9 days, and determinate the activities of soluble-, and ionically bound peroxidase enzyme forms as possibly good indicators of plantmetabolism. Our results indicate that corn salad possess high amount of chlorophyll, and high antioxidant-capacity, which both decrease by the ongoing storage, and this pattern became more drastic on higher temperatures. Peroxidaseactivities showsimilar trends.Activity of both soluble, and ionically bound form decrease, although soluble form seems to be more sensitive. POXisoenzyme- activity seems to be good indicator of the plant metabolism rate, and can help to improve storage conditions. From our result the 6oC storage temperature seems to be the best for the unprocessed corn salad leafs to keep itÂ’s beneficial values for the consumers.

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