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Allocation and the configuration analysis of the automation system control functions in perspective of PLC

Author(s): Chunmei Liu, Guohong Shi, Weiyan Tong

PLC became popular in the early 1960s, which belongs to the digital electronic operating system. It can be capable of efficient programming, with import, export and automatic logic control, and many other practical features. The current PLC mainly used in the production of machines and in the process of controlling functions for machine production. For specific application of PLC, its allocation and the configuration are important parts affect the use effect of PLC. PLC technology in the automation system can effectively solve the problem of the automation system efficiency, to enhance the control performance. From the perspective of the PLC, allocation and configuration of automation system control functions are the key steps for more widely applying in the field of automation systems. First, this study analyzes the main components of the PLC and deeply analyzed the PLC basic working procedure. Followed it explores the control function of PLC based automation system allocation, and further analyzes the configuration of PLC technology in the automation system.

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