AHP-based college students aerobics teaching method reformation development research

Author(s): Yulan Zhang

On the basis of combining with lots of literatures information and formers’ researches, utilize analytic hierarchy process method to make analytic research on aerobics teaching four kinds of methods: basic composition aerobics teaching method, integrated and decomposing model aerobics teaching method, collective and group practice combinative method, the game aerobics teaching method under the impacts of factors influence of the classroom, aerobics students’ receiving degrees, aerobics teachers’ teaching difficulty, aerobics popular degree in students. It gets that uses integrated and decomposing combinative aerobics teaching method can let teaching efficiency to arrive at optimum; secondly successively is the game aerobics teaching method, basic composition aerobics teaching method and collective and group practice combinative method. The model provides theoretical guidance for aerobics teaching research, it has profound significances in researching aerobics teaching.

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