Agarase and â-mannanase production from paenibacillus sp.,MSL-9 utilizing diverse polysaccharides

Author(s): S.Manjula, S.Manohar, J.Lalitha

An agar utilizing bacterium, strainMSL-9 was identified as Paenibacillus sp. The bacterium was capable of utilizing wide range of polysaccharides such as agar, alginate, carrageenan, starch, xylan and galactomannans. It was acclimatized to mannan polymer, guar gum (GG) for mannanase production. The growth profile and extracellular enzyme production revealed optimal conditions as pH 8.0, 30oC for agarase (5.66U/mg) andmannanase (5.73 U/mg) at 24 hrs and 48 hrs respectively. The enzymes were active at broad range of pH.

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