Affecting exploration and research of process method to CAD/CAM numerical control surface machining quality and efficiency

Author(s): Weili Yu

With the continuous development and progress of industry, numerical control technology and processing products have obtained considerable attention. Relative to the general technology, the quality and efficiency of numerical control surface processing, determines the level of industrial development, and related work in the field of progress. From the perspective of an objective analysis of the CAD/CAM surface Numerical Control machining, it is the mainstream of the current Numerical Control machining, the machining method. In particular, each big industrial companies have tried to through the optimization of the processing method and to promote the efficiency of equipment. To strengthen and improve the CAD/CAM Numerical Control surface machining quality and efficiency, in order to obtain greater economic benefits and social benefits. In the future can broaden the research scope, and use the relevant technology of the computer, in-depth analysis of the key points and difficulties of technology, improve the level of processing.

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