Aerobics kick dynamical model and injury parts research

Author(s): Junhong Yang

With social progress, people’s life quality gradually improving, aerobics as a kind of sports event that can build up one’s body and also nurture spirituality, it is favored bymasses; in order to reduce people’s body injury when taking aerobics training, the paper makes research and gets that aerobics players kick instant dynamical relations and right leg rotational inertia, it can get by above that aerobics players right leg generated potential energy’s size when they make kick movement, and according to near-end to far-end transitive momentum theory, athletes can increase knee joint momentum by hip joint effective braking effects, and transfer momentum to ankle joint by knee joint braking,which plays a role in accelerating at the end. And get when aerobics players kick, due to it is required to let shank angular speed to be bigger than thigh angular speed to drive knee joint acceleration, when athletes land, ankle joint speed is too big and buffer time is too little that causes ankle joint injury rate to be higher and knee jointwill also get injured, but relative to ankle joint, knee joint injury rate is lower. Therefore when broad masses take aerobics’ kick training, they should focus on ankle joint and knee joint’s protection.

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