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Advantages and disadvantages analysis of computeraided system in art design

Author(s): Weihong Duan

With the rapid development of science and technology, as well as the continuously deepening new curriculum reform, the computer technology has been widely used in the field of modern education. As for the major of art design, the application of computeraided system has replaced the traditional freehand sketching and it can more effectively expand the thinking of designers and achieves more ideal design effect. But it is important to note that the application of computer-aided system also has certain disadvantages, thus objective analysis should be carried out on these advantages and disadvantages, so as to make most of its advantages. The purpose of the study is to carry out objective analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of the computer-aided system applied in the art design. The advantages of computer-aided system in art design are mainly reflected in improving the efficiency of art design, simple operation, more convenient saving and display function, and significant objectivity. While the disadvantages of computer-aided system mainly includes excessive dependence on network, unscientific application of computeraided system, too much emphasis on computer skills, and limitation of school teaching equipment. On this basis, the discussion on the teaching activities of college art design should focus on strengthening the learning and practicing of the foundation course of students, reasonable arrangement of computer-aided curriculum, advocating the students to reflect design idea through freehand sketching and reasonable arrangement of teaching courses, so as to improve the utilization of computer aided system.

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