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Advanced Biotechnology

Author(s): Diana Norris

Biopharmaceuticals are clinical pills made with biotechnology. They are proteins (along with antibodies) and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, or antisense oligonucleotides) that are used for therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic purposes and are produced in a way other than direct extraction from a local (non-engineered) organic supply. The first such substance approved for therapeutic use was recombinant human insulin (rHI, also known as Humulin), which was developed by Genentech and marketed by Eli Lily in 1982. The vast majority of biopharmaceutical products are prescription drugs derived from lifestyle documentation. Small molecule drugs aren't typically regarded as biopharmaceutical in nature by the pharmaceutical industry. However, members of the commercial and financial networks frequently broaden the definition to include prescription drugs that are no longer created through biotechnology. That is, the term has become a popular buzzword for a variety of organizations developing new, seemingly high-tech pharmaceutical products.

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