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Adaptive filtering algorithm based on the theory of stable distribution

Author(s): Jurong Zeng

In order to improve the performance of the adaptive Volterra filter, the tap length is often fixed in the study, but in practice, the values of the tap length is difficult to fix, which value is too large or too small are unable to meet the system requirements. This requires the fixed tap length becomes variable tap length during the study of the filter. This paper describes α stable distribution theory and the adaptive filter theory and introduces the lattice-type filter to get adaptive filter based on lattice filter. And this paper further improved on the basis of this algorithm, discussed the adaptive update algorithm of LSVP tap length of the algorithm and designed variable obtained taps LSVP algorithms. Finally, we get an adaptive channel equalization algorithm used in the simulation experiments. The results showed that the use of variable-tap LSVP algorithm can converge to the optimal length of the tap with more applicability.

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