Adaptive decoupling control based on online identification and simulation

Author(s): Jiang Hongmei, Tang Weiqiang, Zhu chaoqun

Many complex control processes are interconnected MIMO process, and because the actual systems are influenced by many factors, the system model parameters are also changed. According to the system of the coupling and changeable, this paper puts forward a kind of online identification based on adaptive decoupling control strategy which is used in the actual control system. This control strategy uses a recursive forgetting factor and parameter identification algorithm based on model matching of zero frequency. When system is operating in closed-loop control conditions, process parameters are identified online. Based on the model to design the controller and the decoupling device, and the relative control loop is decoupled. To the actual system, two coupled loop is simulated and experimented. The results show that this method is effective to improve the coupling effect of the system, improve the stability and robustness of the control system

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