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A study on the factors influencing learners’ acceptance of E-learning system

Author(s): Tan Mingjie, Shao Peiji

Compared with traditional classroom education, E-learning is unconstrained by time or geographical limits. A better understanding of the factors influencing learners’ acceptance of E-learning can promote E-learning’s the wider application. Based on the analysis of four classical Technology Acceptance Models, this paper proposes an improved Technology Acceptance Model that tackles the shortcoming of previous models that they focus more on user characteristic rather than on information and technology characteristic, by introducing independent variables related to information and technology characteristic such as interface friendliness, user training, environmental support, etc. After applying the model to explore the factors influencing learners’ use of E-learning system, the empirical result shows that the improved model can better explain the reasons for learners’ acceptance of E-learning system.

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Table of Contents

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