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A Study into the quality of in flowing sewage into Chaohu Lake.

Author(s): Zhang Chi

Objective To offer a solution to govern the watercourses under pollution and improve the quality of outflowing water from inland rivers. Method This paper analyzes the water condition of Fengle River and, in pertinence to its pollution characteristics, studies the decontaminating effects of various coagulants and coagulant aid in both separate and combined use through indoor coagulation beaker experiments. Result The water environment around Fengle River is of overall poor quality, where the contents of TP, TN and COD have uniformly gone far beyond the standard on V-class water. Polyaluminum ferric chloride (PAFC) has the optimum removal effects on both turbidity and TP as well as good COD-removal efficiency without affecting the pH of the raw water. The four coagulants in combined use with the coagulant aid can all enhance the power of removing TP and COD from the raw water. Conclusion PAFC in combined with cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) can achieve the optimal effect in raw water treatment, which lays a reliable theoretical basis for modern governance over river sewage.

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